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Book review: The Army Doctor's honeymoon baby by Helen Scott Taylor.



The Army Doctor's Honeymoon Baby (The Army Doctor's Series)
by Helen Scott Taylor, Award-winning and National bestselling author

Army doctor, Blair Mackenzie, secretly loves his childhood friend, Lorna, and protects her in the African refugee camp where they work. Lorna depends on Blair--he's her best friend, the only man she's ever loved. She longs to admit her feelings but a family secret from their past prevents her.

4 Star Review

Another edition of the Ten Brides for Christmas Box set.

A quick read that takes you from the dangers of Africa to the beautiful snowy hills of Scotland in quick strides. Well written, with just enough information to make this an enjoyable read.
Lorna and Blair knew each other all their lives but secrets kept them apart for ten years. During an abduction by rebels the two admitted their feelings to each other. While trying to escape Blair got injured. This led our couple to their homeland; here they were met with unease but also a warm welcome.
A sweet love story that tells a tale of heart ache and how to get passed it if you believe in the love of the one you love.

Helen Scott Taylor
Award-winning author, Helen Scott Taylor is an award-winne, writes sweet contemporary romance set in the UK and Europe. Her contribution to Ten Christmas Brides is The Army Doctor's Honeymoon Baby, part of her Army Doctor series.
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New Book Release: Starcrossed by Suzanne Carroll.

GENRE: Young Adult Romance
COVER DESIGN: Manuela Cardiga


Fish and chips on the pier.  Art.  Music.  Moonlit walks along the beach.  For the busker and the art student it’s the perfect summer romance. Until it ends suddenly with a savage thunderstorm.

A heartbroken Georgia thinks she’ll never see Tom again.  But Tom doesn’t give up easily and months later they find each other in the most unexpected place…

In the days before search engines and social networks, what lengths would you go to, to find the love you lost?


Suzanne lives in Sydney with her husband and children.  By day she works in an office where she quietly scribbles story ideas on yellow sticky notes and hopes they don’t accidentally end up on the departmental monthly report.  After hours she enjoys time with her family, and tries to turn those sticky notes into something readable.


To add to your TBR List 


It was one of those days.
The traffic was impossible and the weather miserable, all grey skies and a drizzle that reflected Georgia’s mood. The afternoon’s meeting had gone on way too long; the clients wanted to change the floor plan again, she’d have to re-do all the drawings, completely re-work the kitchen, and the Project Manager had brought the deadline forward a week.  But right now Georgia didn’t want to think about all that.  All she wanted was to get home, and find a few minutes to have a glass of wine, and put on some music.  Mozart, she thought, would be nice.
            The endless line of red tail lights gradually broke up and the roads cleared as she finally made her way out of the city, and deep into the suburbs of London.  The train would have been so much quicker. Some days, having a designated parking space at the office didn’t seem worth it.  But a little while later, Georgia smiled and her body began to relax as she pulled into her driveway and switched off the engine.  Leaning back against the headrest, she took a moment, breathing and deep. She let her mind wander, taking her away from meeting rooms and peak hour gridlock, down a different path.  Her thoughts led her back to the art exhibition she’d snuck out to see during yesterday’s stolen lunch break and she smiled as she revisited that precious half hour of luminous colour and subtle shadows in the small gallery next to the wine bar.  And that took her to thoughts of her old easel, tucked away in the attic, collecting dust.  It had been so long since she’d painted anything except her fingernails...
Georgia stared down at her perfectly manicured hands and remembered when they used to wear smudges of oils and inks.  Back in the days when her auburn hair was long, and her skirts were short.  Now it was the other way round.  Though her sapphire eyes still held the fire they had always had.
Georgia’s thoughts scattered, and she looked up quickly. The front door was open and Sophie stood on the top step with her panic face on, twisting her dark curls with one hand, laptop clutched to her chest with the other.  “Mum, help! I need you!”
Georgia sighed and climbed out of the car, bracing herself for whatever new drama had befallen her teenage daughter.
“What’s up, sweetheart?”  She kissed Sophie’s forehead before hanging up her coat and dropping her bag onto the hall stand.  “Something happen at school?” 
“You were alive before the internet, right?”
Georgia bit back a smile.  “It wasn’t that long ago, Soph.”  Although, Georgia knew that, at forty-three, she probably seemed almost elderly to her seventeen-year-old daughter.  “Why?  What’s happ…”
“You’re not going to believe what my English teacher, Mr Gormsby, has done,” Sophie interrupted, then paused, taking a deep breath before announcing, “He’s set us an assignment and we’re not allowed to use or refer to the internet or social media, at all.  In any capacity.  Apparently, according to him, my generation is too dependent on search engines and social networking, can you believe it?”
Actually, Georgia could believe it.  Sophie’s head was almost permanently bent over her phone or laptop and it was the same with her brothers, Alec and Max. Though this afternoon it sounded like the fifteen-year-old twins had their video games fired up; the faint sounds of a zombie apocalypse floated down from upstairs. But Georgia kept her traitorous opinion to herself and hid another smile before calling out hello to her sons and asking if they’d had a good day.  They called hello back, and yes they had.  Then Georgia suggested she and Sophie go to the kitchen for a cup of tea and a chat.  Mozart and wine would have to wait. 
While Georgia filled the kettle and got out the mugs and teabags, Sophie pulled up a stool and set her laptop and her phone on the counter, glaring at them like they’d offended her somehow. “You know,” Georgia said,  “Your father and I survived school and university without the internet.  It’s not that hard.”
“Oh!  I nearly forgot.”  Sophie looked up suddenly and glanced at the phone on the wall.  “Dad called a while ago.  He’s going to be late tonight, but he’ll pick up a curry for dinner on the way.”
Georgia paused at the fridge, milk carton in her hand, and wondered why her husband had rung the home number, and not her mobile like he usually would.  “Did he say why he’ll be late?”
“Something about…I can’t remember. Picking something up?”
“Something apart from the curry?”
 “I think so.  I don’t know.  Maybe.”
“Sophie…” Georgia shook her head as she moved to the counter and splashed a small amount of milk into each cup.  “How hard is it to take down a simple message?”
“It’s not my fault he was so vague.  If it was important he would have texted.”
 Georgia rolled her eyes.  That was the way with Sophie; if it wasn’t in a text, it wasn’t worth remembering.  Mr Gormsby definitely had a point.  “What’s the assignment about?” Georgia asked.  Her question was answered with another dramatic sigh.
“Short essay on popular culture in modern fiction.”
“Without using the internet for research?  That shouldn’t be too diffi…”
Sophie held her hand up sharply.  “Wait, that’s not all.  We also have to write a short story about searching for something and it has to be set before 1995, so the characters can’t turn to the internet for help. No Google, no Facebook, no Twitter.”
“Searching without search engines, huh?  Actually, that sounds like fun.  And you like writing, you’re good at it.”
Sophie groaned and rubbed her hands over her face.  “I know but this is…ugh.  Jenn’s doing a detective piece.  Rex is writing about someone looking for their birth parents and I have no clue what to do.”
Georgia chuckled as she passed Sophie a steaming cup and stirred some sugar into her own.  “And I suppose that’s where I come in?”
Sophie gave her a hopeful smile.  “Yes, please,” she said eagerly.  “Tell me what it was like before the internet. Did you ever have to search for something?  Or someone?”
Georgia stopped stirring.  Goosebumps prickled her skin as memories began to stir, taking her back over twenty years, to a boy on a beach. She wondered how different things might have been, if they’d had smart phones and Facebook back then.
“Actually, I did try to find someone, once,” she said quietly, staring down at her tea. Even now, her heart fluttered as she remembered.  “But my search started with a necklace.  And a TV talent show.”
            Sophie’s eyes widened, and she leaned forward. “Oh my God, really?  Who were you searching for?”
            “A boy.”  Georgia hesitated a little.  “He…he was called TJ.”
            “TJ.”  Sophie tried out the name.  “Who was he?  What necklace?  What show?”
            “It’s a long story.  And you’d have to turn your phone off while I tell you.”
            Sophie’s face reflected a brief internal struggle, but she did as her mother asked.  “Okay, phone’s off, and I’m listening,” she said.  “When was this?”
            “In 1991.  It started on a Sunday night, when I was supposed to be studying...”




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Book Spot Promotions: On the Right Side by Karen Magill. This powerful book is on sale from December 25 - December 31, 2014. Do support this wonderful and brave author friend.



When Karen Magill woke to find herself partially paralyzed on one side of her body, she began a journey filled with twists and turns. From the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis to becoming an award-winning novelist, On The Right Side shows that a crisis can be a blessing.
Forced to leave the workforce in 2000 by the onslaught of MS, Karen saw this as an opportunity to explore her lifelong desire to write. In February of 2014, Karen independently published an inspiring story of her journey so far with MS entitled On The Right Side, My Story of Survival and Success.
Ms. Magill believes that anything is possible and when she writes fiction, she leans towards the paranormal. She writes about extrasensory powers as if they are commonplace because, in her mind, we are all capable of those gifts.
To date, Ms. Magill is the author of four published paranormal novels, including the award winning The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story.
Karen lives in an eclectic area of Vancouver Canada and draws inspiration from the history and stories around her. 

Contact and Buy Links

And here’s a FB group I have called On The Right Side:
On The Right Side group:
I started to keep a journal after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I did that for the first couple of years just so I would remember what that time in my life was like. And so that, maybe, one day I would write a book on it.  Well, the day to write that book is here.
I tried to write this book years ago but the time wasn’t right. Perhaps I didn’t feel I had accomplished enough to make my story worth reading. Or maybe it was because the emotions I recalled when reading and remembering were just too painful to relive. I know that as I write this book thirteen years after my major MS attack, I find tears near the surface and I have to take breaks from writing so that I don’t break down completely. The story you are about to read comes from my MS journal, my regular journal and my memory.
My philosophy is that as long as we aren’t six feet under and are on the right side of the ground, there is hope. We can make positive changes in our life, no matter where we are right now and what challenges face us.  On The Right Side, My Story of Survival and Success is not a book to tell you how to live your life. Deep down, you know how to do that, you have the strength to survive and flourish. I am going to give you my opinion on life events and tell you how I managed to get where I am today.  Maybe it will help you. Maybe it won’t. At the least, this could be an entertaining story for you.
This book is a blend of what I went through – and am still going through – how I deal with it and my views on matters that affect our society today. I am not an expert, just a person who is going through a difficult time and is learning as I go. Events unfold the way I remember them and some of the names have been changed.
So grab a cuppa of whatever you like, sit back and read on. Welcome to my journey.

Book Blog Promotions done by:

Books I plan to read in 2015! Now just to find the time.

Some I have won, some I have bought and some are waiting for reviews. Quite impressive I may add.

So, in no particular order, here they are.

It isn't all of them but it will give you a good indication what I will be reading between all the other things I plan to do.




New challenges in 2015:

Social Network Marketer for WDA Publishing: This is a new venture for me and I am very excited about it. It will open many more doors and will learn even more with every step.

Publishing 2 more books: Liberated: A love story & Blood Mines - the story I wrote for NaNoWriMo.

Write the series surrounding A Pirate's Wife. More about this later. But definitely looking forward to this project.

And of course having fun!!!

I am looking forward to the year. It will have it's own challenges but I will take it day by day - or book by book. :)

I wish all my readers a prosperous 2015. 

Thanks for all your support in 2014.

Happy reading!


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Reading: Ten Christmas Brides by 10 well-known authors.

Ten Christmas Brides
by: Ruth Cardello, Nina Bruhns, Donna Fasano, Rebecca York, Helen Scott Taylor, Patrice Wilton, Mona Risk, Annie Jones, Alicia Street, and Mimi Barbour
Genre: Holiday Romance
Reviews will follow when I am done with each book.



Recipe for Love
by Ruth Cardello, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

All Madison Andrade wants for Christmas is a place to hide and she finds it in the home of a lusty French chef. Richard D'Argenson's recipes are famous, but they lack one necessary ingredient--love.


Maddy and Richard was the perfect couple that brought two worlds together as they discovered each other. A secret, followed by a lie allowed the two to meet far from the borders of the US. Richard, a chef and restauranteur, felt affronted with this young woman at first. However, he realized soon there was more under the skin of the young woman who lived in his house practically unannounced. He had some issues to overcome but Maddy quickly made him forget and accept what was once in his past.
It is filled with family drama, romance, love and doing the right thing even if one had to be send away for the other to open their eyes.
A short story that is part of the Ten Christmas Brides Box set. So far it was money well spend and a book I can recommend if you are in the mood for a quick Christmas read.  

Must Love Santa
by Nina Bruhns, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Detective Nick Palladin just needs to close one last case in Vice--going undercover as Santa--before getting his Christmas transfer to the K-9 Unit. But when a cute little fluffball and the knockout holding her leash stumble into the op and are attacked, Santa and his faithful dog come running to the rescue!


Book 2 in the Ten Christmas Brides Box set. I have never read some of the author's books but I had a delightful time reading this Christmas romance from her pen. The interaction between the two main characters; well actually four: we cannot ignore the two dogs roles in this book. They would simply steal your heart from the start, their infatuation with each other was what brought the two owners together. 
It is a wonderful love story that will make you believe in the miracle of Christmas as the plot unfolds. It's filled with enough drama and suspense to give it a slight edge to make this more than just a love story. The subject of human trafficking is still a very serious issue and needs all the attention it can get; even from a love story. But the two lovers definitely had my vote; they complimented each other perfectly. Both had certain goals that they wanted to reach, both were willing to sacrifice but when the bad guy showed his ugly colors the focus shifted.
A great story for this time of year, with a well written plot and wonderful flow to it all. 
So far I am enjoying this box set from the various authors.  

An Almost Perfect Christmas
by Donna Fasano, USA Today bestselling author
Aaron Chase is desperate to give his daughter a perfect Christmas and elicits the help of Pediatric Nurse Christy Cooper to do it. When Aaron's impish eight-year-old talks them into a make-believe wedding, can the magic of Christmas make the vows stick?

4 Star Review:
This is book 3 in the Ten Christmas Brides Box set and a lovely edition to it, I believe. It is the perfect read for this time of year, quick with a great message.
It all begins with a little girl, but yet so wise for her years, making a plan to bring her dad some happiness when she was gone. A perfect set up for two adults who only caught on after the fact.
Two people that was drawn together; understanding the heart ache of loss and the void it caused found themselves in a place where they could relax and be themselves, discovering that there is a future in the midst of all the hurt and longing.
A wonderful story with enough emotion to make it believable and enjoyable.  

Christmas Captive (The Decorah Security Series)
by Rebecca York, New York Times and USA Today best-selling author

How did hard-driving businessman Jordan Campbell end up in a coma? And can nurse Hannah Andrews use her psychic talent to connect with him and trap his would-be killer? As she and Jordan work together, she knows she's putting her own life--and her heart--at risk.

4 Star Review: 
This book is part of the Ten Christmas Brides box set.
The story had a paranormal twist into the romance scene. Hannah, a nurse that could connect with her patients in an unusual way, was hired to care for tycoon Jordan; a man in a deep coma after a terrible fall. No one could explain why he was in a coma but this is where the story became interesting.
It is a fast paced story that takes you into the life of Jordan and his family who clearly had an agenda from the moment Hannah arrived at the house. Soon her own life was in danger and the author did a good work creating enough suspense not to make it overly dramatic. The ideal story for this time of year.
It had a wonderful cast of characters, each wrapped in mystery as Hannah tried to safe Jordan's life from impending death. With a romantic ending that gave you a good feeling at the end.  

The Army Doctor's Honeymoon Baby (The Army Doctor's Series)
by Helen Scott Taylor, Award-winning and National bestselling author

Army doctor, Blair Mackenzie, secretly loves his childhood friend, Lorna, and protects her in the African refugee camp where they work. Lorna depends on Blair--he's her best friend, the only man she's ever loved. She longs to admit her feelings but a family secret from their past prevents her.

4 Star Review:
A quick read that takes you from the dangers of Africa to the beautiful snowy hills of Scotland in quick strides. Well written, with just enough information to make this an enjoyable read.
Lorna and Blair knew each other all their lives but secrets kept them apart for ten years. During an abduction by rebels the two admitted their feelings to each other. While trying to escape Blair got injured. This led our couple to their homeland; here they were met with unease but also a warm welcome.
A sweet love story that tells a tale of heart ache and how to get passed it if you believe in the love of the one you love. 

Kiss Me Santa
by Patrice Wilton, National bestselling author

Widowed schoolteacher, Cindy Harris meets Brad Williams--posing as Santa--when she takes her young son to the mall. Imagine her surprise when he shows up as the hot-shot realtor selling her family home. Sparks fly between them. Can the magic of Christmas give them the best gift of all -- love?


An Unusual Christmas
by Mona Risk, Award-winning and National bestselling author

Running away from Christmas celebrations and the demons of her past, Dr. Jillian has dedicated her life to saving third-world children. In Belarus, a baby girl, four little boys, and a handsome doctor may teach her the true meaning of Christmas.

A Cowboy for Christmas
by Annie Jones, Award-winning and National bestselling author

A single mom who has pinned all her hopes on reviving a popular tourist dude ranch gets a Christmas surprise that may change everything when her son asks Santa for a new dad. And that very night a Christmas-skipping cowboy shows up at their door.

The Christmas Honeymoon
by Alicia Street, Award-winning and National bestselling author

Quiet librarian Serena always loved Christmas, until she was jilted before her December wedding. A year later, while trying to rekindle her tarnished holiday spirit, she meets Damien, handsome daredevil--and a total Scrooge. Their unlikely mutual attraction brings on a challenge that leads to one very romantic Christmas.

She's Not You
by Mimi Barbour, National bestselling author

Sick and widowed, running scared from a man who insists she belongs to him, Belle is forced to let the charmer down the hall help out. Not just for her sake, but it's Christmas, she's in trouble and her little girl has decided their sympathetic neighbor is her special hero.


A Special Gift From the Ten Brides Authors!

A book full of delicious cookie recipes to share with the family this Christmas!

In this book you’ll find favorite cookies of the heroes and heroines in the Ten Christmas Brides romance-novel boxed set. Some are the treats our characters remember fondly from their childhoods. Others are the ones they enjoy today—or make to give as gifts. Here you’ll find everything from Almond Crescents, Coffee Pecan Delights, and Swedish Teacake Cookies to Rocks, Butterscotch Brownies and Scottish Shortbread. And each recipe comes with a note explaining how it fits into the author’s story, so you’ll have a little more insight into her characters and plot.

The recipes are the authors' gifts to you this holiday season. Enjoy these special goodies and have a wonderful Christmas. Best wishes from the authors of Ten Christmas Brides!

Ruth Cardello
Ruth Cardello is a New York Times bestselling author.  She writes fast-paced, fun, sexy romances with hot alpha heroes and the strong women who tame them.  She writes about Billionaires, Cowboys, and she is also getting into some spicier story lines.  She likes to consider what she writes as bathtub reads.  Sheer escapism.
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Nina Bruhns
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nina Bruhns decided it was time to change careers and pursue her longtime dream of writing when fieldwork in Egyptology became too dangerous. Since then, Nina has achieved international bestsellerdom writing for Berkley, Harlequin and Silhouette, various epublishers, and now as an indie author with Cajun Hot Press. Nina has earned numerous awards for her thirty-plus books to date, including three Daphne du Maurier Awards for Best Overall Mystery-Suspense Book of the Year, three Rita nominations, four RT Bookclub Reviewers Choice Awards, a National Readers Choice Award, five Dorothy Parker Awards of Excellence, and two Golden Hearts.
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Donna Fasano
USA Today Bestselling Author Donna Fasano is the author of over 30 romance and women's fiction titles. Her award-winning books have been described as "emotional," "heartwarming," and "simply wonderful!" Over the course of her 25 year career, she has sold 4 million books worldwide. BigAl from says, "Donna Fasano is a keen observer of human nature and creates characters that ring true to life."
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Rebecca York
New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly best-selling and award-winning author, Rebecca has written over 145 books and novellas. In 2011 she became the dozenth author to receive the Romance Writers of America Centennial Award for having written 100 romantic novels. Her Killing Moon was a launch title for Berkley’s Sensation imprint in June 2003. Five more books in the series have followed.

Rebecca has authored or co-authored over 65 romantic thrillers, many for Harlequin Intrigue’s very popular 43 Light Street series, set in Baltimore, and many with paranormal elements.

Her many awards include two Rita finalist books. She has two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times: for Series Romantic Suspense and for Series Romantic Mystery. And her Peregrine Connection series won a Lifetime Achievement Award for Romantic Suspense Series.
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Helen Scott Taylor
Award-winning author, Helen Scott Taylor is an award-winne, writes sweet contemporary romance set in the UK and Europe. Her contribution to Ten Christmas Brides is The Army Doctor's Honeymoon Baby, part of her Army Doctor series.
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Patrice Wilton
Patrice Wilton is a National best selling author of more than 20 books. Her best known series include The Candy Bar Series, Serendipity Falls series, and her returning war hero series, A HERO LIES WITHIN, HANDLE WITH CARE and AT FIRST SIGHT.

She lives in West Palm Beach with her retired PGA golf pro husband, and plays tennis and golf when she's not writing fun, sexy romance stories. She loves emails and will answer everyone the same day.
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Mona Risk
From Best Romance Novel of the Year at Preditors & Editors Readers Poll, to Best Contemporary Romance of the Year at READERS FAVORITE with two Gold Medals, and EPPIE award finalist, Mona Risk’s name was posted on in the 100 most Popular Authors in Romance list for several months and she recently received an OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER Award at Affaire de Coeur Magazine.
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Annie Jones
Award winning author Annie Jones loves Romance, Christmas and Route 66 so it seemed natural to combine them in A Cowboy for Christmas. The author of 40 books including romance and women's fiction, she lives in Kentucky with a houseful of family and a head full of ideas for more books.
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Alicia Street
Alicia Street is an award-winning author who often writes in collaboration with her husband, Roy. Her years as a dancer, choreographer and teacher are the inspiration behind her Dance 'n' Luv contemporary romance series. Many of her characters from this series cross over into her Holiday Luv series, which includes her sweet romance novella featured in Ten Christmas Brides.
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Mimi Barbour
Mimi Barbour is an Amazon best-selling author who's sold over 500,000 copies of her books world-wide. Her five romance series: The Vicarage Bench/ time travel at it's best, Angels with Attitudes / angels love romance, Vegas / fast-paced plotting, Elvis / make a song a book and her newest, Undercover FBI / with sizzling conflicts and lots of humor.

Mimi's been heard to say: "I'm an author who loves to read uplifting stories about romance. Add in some time travel, or maybe an angel, or even a little romantic suspense and it makes the story more fascinating because of the incredible possibilities."
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A new facelift for In the limelight with...

It has been awhile since I have posted on this blog. And to be honest, I had no clue where to go from the last post, and bring something new to the table-so to speak.

Just as this blog, I myself, did undergo many changes-some good, some bad-but everything is as always a learning curve in once life. Views change, actions change and sometimes we need to change the direction to move forward and take control back in your hands.

This is what is happening with this blog as well. It is taking a whole new direction. The focus will still be on the authors and their books, but with an added bonus. More about it later.

Due to the many changes I have undergone personally I am forced to think differently about my life and blogging since I spend so many hours here and Inspire to Read blog. It has become imperative for me to have my own income and be independent once again. Although my books are selling, it is not enough to make a living from it and I must make sound decisions about my future and the blogs I have in order for me not only to survive but to prosper. To quite is not an option. After finally finding my calling in life it will be impossible to stop at any point.
In the last few months I am learning a lot about marketing, branding and how it will benefit me and propel me forward. When I spoke to another gentleman about my predicament he introduced me to Amazon's astore. Although a registered member for a long time I never knew about this venture from Amazon. And when he showed me on Skype how easy it was to open, I started immediately; stocking shelves the past few days to get it up and running as soon as possible. The other leg will be to accept books on a trusted site and sell them just as a normal bookstore would. I am almost done with the legal stuff, but will let you know when it is operational.

So was the Inspire 2 Read bookstore born and I must say I do feel very positive about the new changes. Of course it will cause more work for me, and more time on the computer, but it is a work that I love to do so it would feel like picnic rather work. I really hope that just as in the past that I will have you, the reader's support. I still plan to interview authors and their books, especially new releases as they come in, so that you will learn more about them and the book. I don't know about you, but when you know more about a author, and really have that connection it is easier to buy a book from that person. Every book has two stories; the one that the author made up, and the one he/she lived while the book was created. It is so easy to pick up a book now a days, but to really connect is another matter entirely. This would be my aim.
Feel free to browse around in side the bookstore, and please do leave a comment or send me a letter on the contact form. All recommendations are welcome. If there is a book you feel your fellow readers should know about please let me know. For now I have stocked the shelves with the books I have read and reviewed over the last two years, as well as the authors books I have seen or promoted on my blog.
Please note: To all authors I have interviewed in the past, if you are looking for your post, the link has changed. Please do not hesitate to ask me about the new link and I will send it to you right back. All the posts are still in tact but just under a new link.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Missionary, Inspirational Speaker, International Radio Host, Author Là Tanyha Boyd

Lá Tanyha Boyd, is living her dream and walking in her calling to empower, and inspire others in“Living in the Now;” the abundant life. Author Lá Tanyha, has traveled around the world via the airwaves as an Inspirational Speaker delivering messages to jumpstart your day and vision, all the while infused with Faith, Hope, & Determination leaving you with a mindset of I CAN DO THIS! Challenging others to Take Action to go higher in their careers, fulfill their goals and walk in their purpose.
Lá Tanyha is the International Host of Spiritual Food for Thought Global Radio. Through this syndicated radio broadcast she empowers others across the globe to follow their dreams and to live life with purpose, passion, fire and determination.
Author Boyd often shares messages that; “Life is all about living and when we can have Spiritual Food, it nourishes us like nothing else.”
Answering the call to minister, Missionary Là Tanyha has been working in the vineyard for over ten years, and is a Licensed Missionary.

Là Tanyha is a mentor and a powerful Inspirational Speaker, facilitator with a heart and fire for God and His people. 

Please tell us about your latest book.
There are times when each one of us needs encouragement and inspiration; especially when you’re dealing with the challenges of life. 'Spiritual Food for Thought: 31 Inspirational Quotes to Jump-Start Your Day,' will not only offer daily words of inspiration but promote spiritual growth in one's day to day living. In this journey called, Life, I've learned that God never consults our past to determine our future. It is us, who determine our own future by our actions. As such, I have made sure that my book is full of powerful nuggets that are sure to equip and encourage each one of us to take life head-on, live it to the fullest and provide it with a meaningful direction.

'Spiritual Food for Thought:31 Inspirational Quotes to Jump-Start Your Day,' is touted to be a soul stirring read as it consists of deeply inspirational messages that offer daily words of empowerment and promote spiritual growth for its readers. The book is immensely thought provoking and takes its readers on an immeasurably inspiring journey towards self discovery while it also challenges them to pursue greatness and positivity in life.

What can we expect from you in the future?
With all that is going on in the world today, people are hungry for words of encouragement and inspiration to move and drive forward in this journey called LIFE, and with that said my passion and assignment is to engage, and equip the multitudes and in so doing win souls across the globe through the airways, my writings, and speaking engagements while empowering others to move forward in this journey called LIFE. 

I will be doing a “31 day challenge of Positive Thinking to Jump-Start Your Day.” I found that Self-talk has a huge influence on the overall direction of our thoughts. Negative self-talk is an easy habit to slip into, especially if you are surrounded by negative people. So, the first step toward a more positive thinking is to change the tone of our self-talk.
Like any other bad habit, before we can change it we need to become more consciously aware that we are doing it. And so the 31 day challenge of Positive Thinking to Jump-Start Your Day “will play a significant part in transforming that stinking thinking

How do we find out about you and your books?  How may readers contact you?
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What truly motivates you in general?  In your writing?
To inspire is to take that fire within from a flicker, to a flame giving you the confidence to progress. All of us need inspiration to drive and move forward in this journey we call life, my personal quest and the various moments of learning during my very own journey in life have been the inspiration for this book, which is extremely dear to my heart. I sincerely pray that my book is able to reach out to the very hearts of my readers and inspire them to take that first step forward to do the things that they have never done before, to live the life they only dreamed of doing and enabling them to fulfill their purpose.

What are some of your favorite things to do?
During my down time you may find me in the kitchen cooking some down home meals or spending time with family and friends. You may even find me at the salon pampering myself, or shopping and giving back to myself. It’s so important to have balance and building relationships.
Do you have a favorite author?
There are so many great authors; I enjoy that it’s hard for me to narrow it down to one: Michele Andrea Bowen, Kimberla Lawson Roby, and Tyora Moody are just a few of the authors that I enjoy.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer?
The first rewarding for me as a writer is the connection with my reader’s. The second most rewarding is knowing that my work can reach all parts of the world. My good friend and fellow Author; LaCricia A ̀ngelle said it best “My books can go where I may not be able to go physically.” To be able to give a word of inspiration of hope, love and faith for others to move and drive forward in this journey of LIFE…Is an awesome feeling.

Are there any words of encouragement for unpublished writers?

Yes! I would like to leave these words right from my book Spiritual Food for Thought: 31 Inspirational Quotes to Jump Start Your Day,” that is this… JUST DO IT!! To move forward, you have to step out the boat. Moving out of complacency and comfort. If you want something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done. Moving out of fear and removing all inhibitions being comfortable in WHO you are and WHO’S you are.  Let today be the first steps towards your goals, your calling, your deliverance….ultimately your purpose and destiny. 

~The Time is Now…Let’s Get It Done!!! 

Spiritual Food for Thought: 31 Inspirational Quotes to Jumpstart your Day, is a daily devotional to encourage and inspire you in your walk with Christ.
“In this journey called, “Life,” I've learned that God never consults our past to determine our future. The roads we take become learning experiences for growth and development, to bring us into our God given purpose.”

This is just a sample of inspiration you will receive from this book.
Spiritual Food for Thought: 31 Inspirational Quotes to Jumpstart your Day
, consists of inspirational messages that offer daily words of empowerment, and promote spiritual growth and development in the Lord Jesus Christ for your day to day living.

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Spiritual Soul Food for Thought is the BEST way to start your day! I have used the quotes to kick off my mornings, motivate my afternoons, and empower my evenings!”~Tamika Hall, Editor-In-Chief of Gospel Insider Magazine & Bestselling Author of Meet Me at the Altar, and Love Doesn’t Leave Bruises
I have been a guest on Lá Tanyha Boyd's Spiritual Food for Thought Global Radio show numerous times. She is a warm, delightful woman walking in her gift of encouragement. If you need a spiritual word to lift your spirits, I recommend Spiritual Food for Thought. You're guaranteed to find words of wisdom that will jumpstart your day.”~ Tyora Moody, Award-Winning Author of the Victory Gospel Series and Eugeena Patterson Mysteries.

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