Friday, March 15, 2013

Welcome to In the Limelight with....

Welcome to In the Limelight with....

This will be a blog dedicated only to Interviews and Promotions with Authors.
Reviews will still be posted on Aspired Writer as normal.
Join me every Wednesday and Sunday as I revisit with the authors whose books I reviewed in the past to find out what they have done in the time last spoken.
Since the beginning of this blog I had a few requests from other authors to have interviews with them as well and with time I will also introduce new authors with their debut novels here as well.
For a while now I was thinking of doing something to celebrate my first year as a blogger, watching other bloggers having giveaways and other different things to celebrate the event but I knew this was not the road  I wanted to go. It seems every one is doing the same thing and I did not want to fall in the same rut.

So with much thought it finally dawned on me in the week and the same question repeated it self in my thoughts.

What has happened to the authors I reviewed?
What are they up to now a days? Any new releases or projects they are willing to share.
So right away I send out the invitations and the feed back was phenomenal.

So each week I will invite and have a cup of tea with one so that we can learn more about them. Familiarize us with them again and maybe promote a new book release with them.
This will start on April 03, 2013. Feel free to comment and talk with your favorite author. Maybe ask something I did not think off.

Support them, encourage them and buy their books.

Until then
Lynelle Clark