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Mitch Alexander author of Cansir, and his new book release In the name of the Son and the daughter

Mitch Alexander
I met Mitch when I reviewed his book Cansir, an Autobiography with his trails in overcoming cancer, in March of this year, you can read more about it HERE.
It is easy to say when life hands you a lemon make lemon juice but when even the sap has been removed and only pips, core and the peel is left and you have nothing to help you to move forward but backbone and truth you can only rely on one thing. The Word clearly states that "the Truth will set you free" and in the author's life the principle has done exactly that.

In the account of his life the focus was not on the cancer it self although cancer played a major part in relating the story, but more in the reason cancer had a hold in his body.

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I Interview him on his latest book "In The Name of the Son and Daughter:
      1.   Where did the idea come from for the book?         
I have been interested in the Holocaust for nearly 40 years. As an adult I have looked into several personal stories of the survivors. When I read Viktor Frankl’s “Mans Search for Meaning” there were aspects of my own life, specifically my childhood that fell into place. After reading “The Sunflower” by Simon Wiesenthal I thought about writing a book that compares quotes related to the Holocaust to the issue of child abuse. I compiled several pages of quotes and waited until I felt pushed to complete the project. 
      2.   What genre does your book fall under?      
Self-Help Children’s Health and Healing
3.   Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?         
I doubt a movie could be made to support my book.
4.   What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?   
It is the first step and overview of what constitutes abuse and how a person can gaining a healthy sense of self after enduring abuse as a child.
5.   Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?      
This is my second title to be published with inner child press.
6.   How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
This book was a fairly quick write. Even after I deleted some of my work I completed the first draft in six weeks.
7.   What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?       
I am not sure how to compare it. I suppose any recovery book would have overlapping themes.
8.   Who or What inspired you to write this book?       
After fighting injustice in the court system and with social services related to my ex-wife molesting my sons and nobody being willing to assist me to protect my sons, I had no other choice but to first face my own childhood abuse issues then I had the insights to share in this book.
9.   What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?         

I personally believe this book would be useful for everybody on some level. Anyone who feels stuck in his or her life and is looking for help is bound to find many aspects of the healing process life mending. There is nothing like knowing your own truth to alter your perceptions and increase your possibilities. 

Contact details:

The purpose of this book is to provide better understanding and 
awareness of abuse and the effects on children. The information
includes useful data pertaining to healing from abuse. I used
quotes related to the Holocaust to support the depth of this
problem, in and of our society today. This is not a new issue. The
Bible speaks of children being killed and tortured by their own
parents. GOD was not OK with it then and HE’s not OK with it
now. HE cautions us about the severity of taking children for
granted, or worse, abusing them. Children are important to the
Three times now, since I sat down twenty minutes ago to write
this piece, I have walked away from the computer. It is a warm
June evening, yet I am chilled. The room temperature is fine, my
chills are a result of what I am about to revisit. I had already read
what you are about to. I know you may feel trepidation as well.
Please understand I already had my own ideas about the           
Holocaust. Before I read this book I could not see how any of this
applied to the abused child. These are my correlative thoughts
about what I knew.                                                                  
Dachau – It stood there, nondescript and functional, to first
appearances. Yet, somehow, it was grim and foreboding, like a
malignant growth on the beautiful Bavarian landscape. The       
energy was disturbing. A factory type gate bore the Third Reich
propaganda ARBEIT MACHT FREI – Work makes (you) free. With
trepidation, I passed through. Inside, I was greeted with two
conflicting images; a young man looking at the photos of the
horrors with a smirk – and an older woman so overcome with
emotion, she had to sit down. I vividly remember her concerned
son desperately trying to give comfort while, Leviathan
–proportion sobs, racked her body.                                       
A key, if you will, explained the different colored triangles the
concentration camp inmates were forced to wear. The Jews had
the extra distinction of being forced to wear a yellow Star of
David, even before internment. Homosexual Jews wore one half
pink and half yellow. That was an unspeakable act of brutality,
turning a beloved religious symbol into an object of ridicule and
As I wandered through with my brother and parents, I saw
bunkhouses with too many bunks, work areas, monuments to the
fallen, trenches and electrified fences to discourage escape
attempts. The crematorium (can you imagine how the air must
have smelled in the vicinity while Dachau was active?) with rows
of ovens, made me shudder. The “shower room”, AKA the gas
chamber, made my blood run cold. They were not used, so they
claim (this fact is disputed-granted, not on the scale of
Bergen-Belsen or Auschwitz). Hundreds of thousands died of
disease, over work, starvation or execution at Dachau, but it was
not an extermination camp. That seems rather like being slightly
pregnant. No, those marked for extermination were crammed in
a train and sent to wholesale slaughter houses.

My review will follow later in the year.

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