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In the Limelight with.... Author Sylvia McDaniel

In the Limelight with…..
Sylvia McDaniel

Welcome and thanks for being part of this blog.

I thought it a good idea to catch up with you and see what you are up to since the last time I reviewed a book for you.

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Author’s Interview Questions

      1.       Are you famous is the general question I get when family and friends introduces me to their friends. It always left me with a pause as quick comebacks filters through my mind but ending up saying something like ….”Oh gee thanks” and give a shy smile. (a)Does this happen to you and (b) what do you say?

My family doesn’t read romance.  In fact, I’d say that 90% of them are romance snobs, so we don’t talk much about my books.  I have a sister-in-law who asks about my books and is very sweet.  I have another sister-in-law who asks me if I have considered writing inspirational books and I have an aunt who told me she doesn’t read those books. So besides my mother and another aunt who is very sweet to me, I don’t have much support from family members. I’m not considered famous by any means.

      2.       In general do you like to talk about you writing and published books or are you very close-lip about it? If no why? 
      I have certain friends I talk to all the time about my writing. I’m kind of close-lip when I’m working on a new project.  It seems the more you talk about it, the less appeal it has to you as  a writer. So I try to hang on to that enthusiasm until I type the end.
      3.       What book/s are you currently writing and what is it about? 
      I’m working on a holiday novella that goes with The Burnett Brides.  It’s an older heroine – Mama Burnett is finally getting a taste of what her matchmaking feels like.

4.       Why this particular genre? 
I grew up reading historical romances and loved them. I still do, but contemporaries also hold a special place in my heart.

      5.       What inspire or motivate you to write? 
      Writing is creating my own movie in my head.  I am the director and I love creating my own story.

      6.       What is the writing process like for you? 
       I write the first draft down and dirty. It’s ugly. Then I go back and polish. Revise and revise again.  I go through a book about 6-8 times before I’m done.

     7.       What is the best and/ or worst part of being a writer?   
     The best part is creating the story. The worst part is when the sales are slow or you get that really UGLY review.  My worst review said something along the lines of “Getting a root canal was more fun.” Huh? Seriously?  The same book received a lot of 5 star reviews.  You can’t please everyone. I hope she had gas with the root canal. 

      8.       Any advice for struggling writers? 
      Love what you do and forget everything else. Forget the bad reviews, the rejections, and the bad critiques. Put your love for what you do in the words on the page.

     9.       What is your favorite genre to read or write? 
     I Love historical and contemporaries.

     10.   Favorite author? 
     Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson.


     11.   Do you have a favorite spot to read and write? 
      Ha! Since I’m on the computer so many hours of the day, I just grab any chance I can to read. Recently I’ve become addicted to Audible books and listen to them in the car.

     12.   What do you like to do when not writing? 
     Hiking – being outdoors.

     13.   Do you have a bucket list and would you share at least two things on it? 
     Alaskan Cruise, retiring in Colorado and traveling in an RV around the states.

       14.   What have you done so far on this list? 
       Been to Hawaii, hiked the Rocky Mountain National Forest and hiked in Yellowstone.

      15.   Most daring thing or experience you have done you would like to share? 
      White water rafted in Colorado

      16.   This or that questions:
       ·         Coffee or Tea - Both
       ·         Sweet or sour – Sour
       ·         Home make meal or takeouts –  Homemade Meal, but we eat way too much take out.
       ·         Winter or summer –  Summer
       ·         Night-owl or Early-Bird – Early bird
       ·         Telephone or visits – Telephone due to lack of time
       ·         Which social network do you prefer? Facebook
       ·         Blogger or website? Both
       ·         What does your family say about your career? Supportive or Clueless 
              My husband is very supportive, but the rest of my family is clueless.

And Finally
Moto/wisdom in life you live by. 

Love what you do and never give up!!!

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Well our time is up. Thanks Sylvia for speaking with us. I enjoyed the Interview. It is really great to learn more about you and I hope your books is a great a success.
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